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Authors : P T Humane

Page Nos : 476-486

Description :
Bhandara district is well known Lake District of east Vidarbha region and is located at 21.17° N 79.65° It has an undulating topography with an altitude range from 150 to 600 m with geographical area over 4217 sq km and the forest area is approximately 28.86 % of the total geographical area of the district. Floristic survey was conducted from 2005 to 2011 in Lakhni, Sakoli, Lakhandoor, Pauni, Bhandara, Mohadi and Tumsar tahsil of the district. During extensive and intensive floristic exploration of the district over 900 taxa were collected, of which 81 species were found to be rare in the district. Moreover, some species found common in certain localities but observed rare or absent in others. Such 74 plant species belong to 73 genera and 45 families of angiosperms were observed as common or frequent in certain localities and rare or altogether absent in other parts of the district. These species are considered commonly found rare plants of the district in this paper.

Date of Online: 30 May 2015