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Authors : Ganvir K.S.

Page Nos : 22-26

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Norethisterone (NET) a synthetic progestogen contraceptive is one of the derivatives of 19-Nortestosterone widely wed in gynaecological disorders and in oral contraceptive pills for women such as Mala-D, Mala-N etc. This contraceptive inhibits ovulation due to suppression of GnRH & pituitary gonadotrophins FSH & LH. It has also been demonstrated that NET-En and other derivatives of 19-nortestosterone suppress spermatogenesis in laboratory animals & men. Synthetic progestogens impair libido, potency & functions of sex accessory gloands. Therefore, male fertility regulation with progestin demands additional substitute with androgen. It is also noted that considerable disagreement exists regarding the action of NET-En on anterior pituitary cell types. Perusal of literature has revealed that in the past, investigators have studied action of Noristerate on testis-pituitary axis and ovary-pituitary axis ignoring its side effects on Adrenal-Pituitary axis. It was with this point of view in mind that Noristerate has been selected to study the side effects of this drug or Adrenal-Pituitary axis and its mechanism of action. The experiments were conducted on both male and female palm squirrel during July-August i.e. at the end of breeding season. Male squirrels of experimental group received 4 mg/kg B.W. Single intramuscular injection and sacrificed after 2 months. Female squirrels of experimental group received 0.5 mg/kg B.W./Week for 1 month. Experimental male adrenal showed no significant changes in the cells of zona glomerulosa and induce hypertrophy of zona fasiculata and zona reticularis cells. Zona medullary cells showed regressive changes such as presence of vacuoles and pycnosis of nuclei. At 0.5 mg Noristerat for one month treatment, female adrenal showed no changes in zona glomerulosa. Cells of zona fasciculata showed hypertrophy, hyperplasia and degranulation after the treatment. Cells of zona reticularis showed vacuolization & cells of medulla showed degranulation. ACTH cells of anterior pituitary of male and female squirrel showed similar changes i.e. hypertrophy & hyperplasia after the treatment. Histopathological side effects of Noristerat on adrenal (hyperactivity) appears to be via pituitary gland since ACTH showed hyperactivity after the treatment

Date of Online: 30 May 2019