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Authors : Sumedh K. Waware and R. R. Kamdi

Page Nos : 17-22

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The Saikheda dam Wetland area is situated in lingti village Taluka Kelapur of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. Which is 20 km off Pandharkawada towards south east of Pandharakawada on Pandharakwada Yavatmal road this dam was constructed in 1972 on the river Khuni. This river Khuni originated near Mohada in Ghatanji taluka of Yavatmal district towards West north of the dam with located know. The Study area harbour’s varying in shape. & Size, in a rainy season a good habitat to various fish species. To assess the status and distribution of fishes, trips were conducted in the intensive study area. The fishes were classified based on their habitat and their presence was visually observed. A total of 19 fish species in upstream habitat. The status of fish fauna and management of Saikheda dam Wetland ecosystem has been discuss in this paper. Biodiversity is essential for balancing ecosystem and facing varied problems to environment. Globally nature as well as animal diversity are affected due to increase in unwise anthropogenic activities. Aquatic ecosystem is also adversely affected due to release of wastes in it. In the field of Ichthyology there is valuable contribution by many workers. As far as economic importance is concerned, the scope of fish and fisheries in Maharashtra is of prime interest. The current review deals with the freshwater fish recorded and confirmed by various species belonging to 07 orders, 09 families and 15 genera in Maharashtra during 2017 to 2018 and will be useful for fishermen, consumers, fish industry producers and researchers. Saikheda Project and Dam's Official Designation is "Saikheda , D -0 1247" . Saikheda Dam was constructed as part of irrigation projects by Government of Maharashtra in the year 1972. Nearest city to dam is Pandharkawada and the Dam is situated in Kelapur Taluka of Yavatmal District of Maharashtra. It is built on and impounds Khuni River. The dam is an Earth-fill Dam .Purpose of the dam is for irrigation .The length of dam is 1740 m ( 5708.66 Feet ) , while the height of the dam above lowest foundation is 23.77 ( 77.98 Feet ) . Detailed information about project spillway is not available. Project has a Spillway of Other type. Length of the spillway is not known . However measured length of the spillway is approximately 253 m (765 Feet). The Spillway is Ungated..Dam's catchment area is not known. Maximum / Gross storage capacity is 38.511 MCM. Live storage capacity is 27.184 MCM. Now days almost all the water bodies make for good picnic spots. Saikheda lake is also a popular Tourist attraction for its scenic beauty.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2019