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Authors : PradnyaAnasane, AlkaChaturvedi

Page Nos : 13-18

Description :
For the present study medicinally important twoplant species of family Apocynaceaeviz.NeriumindicumMill. AndCascabellathevetia(L.)Lippold wereselected. These important plant species are found in some region of India and traditionally used in indigenous system of medicine. An attempt has been made to give a HPTLC profile in leaves for the confirmation of presence of phytosterol -β-Sitosterol. Hexane extracts were prepared using soxhlet apparatus and unsaponified extract was done with petroleum ether. The mobile phase of Benzene: Ethyl acetate (5:1) was used for good separation. The fingerprint showed better resolution after derivatization in Antimony Trichloride in Chloroform reagent. The fingerprint has revealed a distinct pattern of bands of specific phytosterol, β-Sitosterol. Thus HPTLC profile of the plants was done for the identification of phytosterol -β-Sitosterol in the crude and unsaponified leaf extract.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2018