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Authors : Yogita K. Sanap and Kalpana Jadhav

Page Nos : 23-26

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The term ‘adolescence’ represents a hyper anabolic phase of growth, mediated by hormonal factors and characterised by peak velocities of growth. It is also a crucial phase of growth since it offers the second and last chance for the catch up with the growth in the life cycle of girls. Tribal population constitutes about 8% of the total population of India. They are at higher risk of under nutrition because of their dependence on primitive agriculture practices and uncertainty of food supply. The Madia of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra district is found in the same localities as Gond proper and there dialects are almost identical. Nutritional pattern in these years may be considered to be significant as it influences growth and reproductive maturation.The majority of girls selected in the study were 16 years old. The study was carried out in the area of Body mass index; significantly high percentage (49.8%) of adolescent girls from the Gond-Madia community was underweight. The calorie intake of adolescent girls was 1301.6 Kcal/d significantly lower than the RDA for calories; however, after providing the nutrition related training, the girls indicated remarkable improvement by consuming more calories. Significantly high percentage of the people from Gond-Madia tribe is illiterate. After imparting nutrition education and supplementation there is remarkable change in their nutrient intake. Keywords: Calories, BMI, Adolescent girls, Gond Madia.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2017