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Authors : Gadewar R . , Babhulkar V . , Lambat A . , Charjan S . , Lambat P . , Parate R . and Thorat A .

Page Nos : 115-116

Description :
Experiment was conducted to study the effect of bruchid infestation on 100 seed weight, viability, vigour and incidence of fungal flora of chick - pea during period 2010. The bruchid infested check - pea seeds we collected from one year old crop see ds under following categories viz. , (i) one holed, (ii) two holed, (iii) hole near micropyle, (iv) multi holed and (v) normal seeds. The 100 seed weight, viability and vigour were significantly more in the normal seeds which is closely followed by one hol ed, two holed, hole near micropyle an dmulti holed seeds. The maximum incidence percentage of fungal flora was found on multi holed seeds as compared to other damaged and normal seeds.

Date of Online: 30 May 2017