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Authors : Patil R. G., Nanaware S. G., Bobdey A. D and Gujar M. P

Page Nos : 6-9

Description :
When water gets polluted the respiratory metabolism in the organisms exposed to the pollutants get affected and it will result in the low rate of oxygen consumption. In these animals under respiratory distress al l life activities get affected. Freshwater fishes Cyprinus carpio, Catla catla, Cirrhinus mrigala and Labeo rohita when exposed to the phytotoxin from Sapindus laurifolius the rate of oxygen consumption in these fishes is observed to be decreased which res ults in the respiratory distress. The maximum effect on the oxygen consumption was observed on the C. catla and minimum effect was observed on the C. carpio . The phytotoxin from fruits of S. laurifolius is more effective in C. Catla and less effective in C. carpio.

Date of Online: 30 May 2017