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Authors : Ashish Lambat , Vipin Babhulkar , Rajesh Gadewar , Sanjiv Charjan , Prachi Lambat and Ramesh Parate

Page Nos : 44-45

Description :
Five genotypes Udid were sown during 2015. The seeds afte r harvesting, threshing and processing were evaluated for their hardseededness dormancy. The findings of the pre sent study indicate that concentrated sulphuric acid, hot water, sand scarification and hot air oven methods are effective for reducing hardseededness in Udid. All the above mentioned treatments showed injuries e ffect to the seed embryo by increasing the dead seeds and abnormal seedlings except concentrated sulphuric acid treatment. In general concentrated sulphuric acid treatment for 60 seconds have been found most effective for breaking seeds coat dormancy and also significantly highest germination percentage compared to the above mentioned treatments unde r taken in the present inve stigation.

Date of Online: 30 May 2016