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Authors : U. P. Mankar, A. D. Bobdey and V. B. Bhagat

Page Nos : 445-447

Description :
Sonala dam is an earthen dam, constructed by irrigation department of Maharashtra Govt. The dam is presently used for irrigation and drinking for regional rural areas. Rotifers are microscopic soft-bodied fresh water invertebrates, which have been used to indicate the tropic status of a water body. They are one of the connecting link organisms between primary producers and consumers in aquatic food web. The present study reports the occurrence and diversity of rotifers in Sonala dam, Sonala, Dist. Washim. Quantitative assessment of rotifers was undertaken during February 2012 to January 2013. During the study period total 16 species of rotifers were collected from Sonala dam. They were abundant during the winter season and minimum was found in the monsoon season. Conservation of this water body is essential, as this habitat may reveal interesting rotifer fauna present there. Keywords: Sonala dam, Diversity, Rotifers, Zooplanktons

Date of Online: 30 May 2015