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Authors : Ashish Lambat, Vipin Babhulkar, Rajesh Gadewar, Sanjiv Charjan, Prachi Lambat and Ramesh Parate

Page Nos : 228-230

Description :
The khapra beetle (Trogoderma grananrium Everts) is a serious store grain pest of wheat during storage. In the present investigation, the experiment was conducted to know the effect of different organic grain protectants on infestation percentage of khapra beetle and seed qualities of Bajra. It was observed that seed treated with sweet flag powder (2.5%) and custard apple seed powder 2.5% were showed significantly higher 100 seed weight, germination percentage, seedling vigour, field emergence percentage and adult mortality as compared to other seed treatment and control during storage. Keywords : organic grain protectants, sweet flag, custard apple, khapra beetle, Bajra, infestation, storage.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2016