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Authors : YogeshThawari, Sushil B. Kapoor, Vijendra Batra and DilipB. Patil

Page Nos : 34-35

Description :
The effect of pH on the inhibition of Jack Bean urease catalyzed hydrolysis of urea by chlorobenzoic acids has been carried out on the basis of kinetics of urea hydrolysis. The concentration of urea was varied from 1.00 x 10-2 M to 2.65 x 10-2 M and that of inhibitors ware maintained 2.5 x 10-3 M. The Michaelis constant, Km, apperent Michaelis constant, Kmapp and dissociation constant of enzyme-inhibition complex, Ki were determined at pH 6.80 and temperature 37.00C. The inhibition was studied at pH 6.80 to 6.20. The percentage inhibition of each inhibitor were calculated, percentage inhibition increases with decrease in pH. Keywords : pH, inhibition of urease, competitive inhibition, urea

Date of Online: 30 May 2016