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Special Issue Description

Authors : Vandana Dhawad

Page Nos : 27-32

Description :
Rural women are the major biomass gatherers, be it for fuel or feed. The time and energy that they spend for fuel collection has increased in the last decade or so. The women have to trudge long distances to collect basic necessities like fuel, fodder, water, building materials and needs for their households and cattle. Each year, the distance is increasing because of the fast depleting forests, commercialization of agriculture, excessive use of surface and ground water by agriculture and industry. The appropriate technology for women is needed not only to reduce their drudgery in household and other economic activities but, also, to improve sanitation and environmental conditions and raise health and nutritional level of the working women and children. For women, Biogas technology is one of the most appropriate options for meeting the growing energy needs of the rural women. Hence role of rural women is more important in sustainable energy development.