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Authors : A. D. Babare, S. B. Patil, H. K. Jadhav, S. S. Patil and M. G. Babare

Page Nos : 01

Description :
Larvivorus fishes are important food resources and good indicators of the ecological health of the waters they inhabit.The present paper deals with the study of Larvivorus fish diversity in Babhalgaon Dam, Osmanabad (M.S.) India. The work was carried out during the year 2016.(January to December). The random sampling method was adopted for the collection of fish. Total 11 species were recorded;Puntius and Rasbora daniconius were highly efficient in consuming mosquito larvae. There are five fish species have been found good larvivrus potential and active. Key-words -Larvivorous fishes - Diversity-Babhalgaon Dam.