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Special Issue Description

Authors : Nita D. Khandekar

Page Nos : 380- 389

Description :
The socio economic status (SES) is an important determinant of health, nutritional status, mortality and morbidity of an individual SES also influences the accessibility, affordability, acceptability and actual utilization of available health. Facilities socio-economic characteristics are the important tools to the measures of human development. Socio economic is the most important determinant of the livelihoods as it influences levels of knowledge, skill, income. Khajri (Nirmal Gram) village in Sadak Arjuni Block of Gondia District in Maharashtra State was selected for this study. 50 sample was selected with 25 males & 25 females from Khajri village. Survey method was used for collection of information. Interview schedule was one of the traditional tools of data collection and analyzed by percentage method. Their poor economic conditions, lack of co-ordination and lack of knowledge are the factors which include the low socio-economic level.