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Special Issue Description

Authors : Karwande A. and Tembhurne A.

Page Nos : 6 - 9

Description :
We all know that today the field of sports is commercializing due to touch of professionalism as many professional leagues, tournaments is ge tting organized in today’s modern world of sports, many franchises also involving in making money out of it & thus many prize money events also have been organizing in sports, Prize Money is often known as the amount given to the winning teams or players a s an award for their victory. Now a day’s many prize money events are organizing at national & international level i.e. In Tennis - Wimbledon, US Open, French open, Australian Open etc. all of the above is providing prize money, in fact Tennis is the only e vent which is purely professional. In football - FIFA, EPL, NFFC, Federation Cup, Durand Cup etc. is providing prize money. In Badminton - Many events providing Prize Money i.e. German Open, Swiss Open, India Open, Indonesian Open, Singapore Open, USA Open, French Open, Thailand open etc. Cricket is also providing huge prize money for their events at national & International level i.e. ICC World Cup, ICC champions Trophy, ICC T - 20 World Cup, IPL, Ranji Trophy, Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Deodhar Trophy etc. The highest amount is paid by Tennnis as a $24 million prize money (Australian Open) which is very highest, Football is paying $17.6 million as a prize money (FIFA Confederation Cup) in its international level events, Cricket is paying $10m prize money (ICC T - 20 World Cup) at international level. So these examples are the strong enough to prove the evidences of prize money in sports.