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Special Issue Description

Authors : Arangale K. B.1*, Raut V. R.2, Gavit M. G.3, and Shinde Y. P.4

Page Nos : 7-9

Description :
The quality of water is of main role for man since it is directly linked to human health. The quality of water varies widely with respect to its various uses and the water quality suitable for one purpose may not satisfactory for another. The present investigations of the comparative study of physico chemical parameters of Bhandardara dam and Mula dam water in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Four samples were collected in the month of February, July and November 2017. Physical and chemical parameters such as pH, TDS, Free CO2, Alkalinity, Chlorides, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Magnesium hardness, Dissolve Oxygen, BOD and COD were studied. The result indicates that there is marked variation in physico chemical parameters of that dam water. The observed values of various physico chemical parameters from water samples have been compared values recommended by World Health Organization.