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Special Issue Description

Authors : R.R. Dandawate

Page Nos : 36-38

Description :
Survey of cestode parasites from intestine of Parrot species like Psittacine molinae from Rahata Tahasil Dist Ahmednagar from during January 2017 to December 2017 The present parasite is having scolex large,squrish,broad anteriorly and narrow posterior. The suckers are large four in number, rounded to oval. The scolex is fooled by neck, broad narrow posteriorly,followed by indistinct segmentation. Testes are five,cirrus pouch regurly alternate,small,eleongated, sub Centrally placed .cirrus straight form vas deference reaches up to the middle of segments .Vagina thin tube runs transversely posterior to cirrus pouch. Seminal receptacle is thin tube opens into ootype. Ovary median, oval located almost towards middle of the segments The parasite is named after locality Rahata Tahasil Dist. Ahmednagar, where the parasite and host found abundant