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Special Issue Description

Authors : Archana Ratkanthiwar

Page Nos : 178-187

Description :
The personality pattern is made up of traits, or specific qualities of behavior, organized and integrated into a whole. These consist of reactions to frustrations, ways of solving problems, aggressive and defensive behavior and outgoing or withdrawing attitude towards other people. Normal, neurotic, extraversion and introversion are some of the personality traits. Reasoning is the mental activity used in inference of unknown things on the basis of known facts. It may be deductive i.e. from general to particular or inductive i.e. from particular to general. Reasoning is a process of adjustment to new situations and at a somewhat higher level aims at the solution of a problem. Basic reasoning skills are those processes basic to cognition of all forms. There are four categories of basic reasoning skills: storage skills, retrieval skills, matching skills, and execution skills. The researcher via this research has made an effort to find out whether there is a direct link between personality type, intelligence, problem solving and reasoning ability.