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Special Issue Description

Authors : A. D. Bobdey and K. T. Waghmare

Page Nos : 348-351

Description :
The proposed work will deal with the study of four rural lakes and its present environmental status. 1) Adyal lake, 2)Madgi lake, 3) Kesalwada lake and 4) Wahi lake. First three lakes are located in the rural areas nearby localities and Wahi lake is located far away from the localities where less human activities are observed.The water of all four lakes is presently used for irrigation and drinking of cattles in rural area, but the present scarcity of water in the region, may alter the use of lakes for main drinking purposes. A general survey of study area was made for the study of ecological parameters. Data harvested from experimental analysis of Lake Water and overall seasonal survey of selected water bodies indicates that the direct and indirect human activities are mainly responsible to deteriorate the surface water quality of the study area. Agricultural farming of watermelon, musk melon along the bank of lake and farms of Trapa natans (Water chestnut) in the basin of lake is a frequent practices in study area. The use of fertilizers and pesticides over the emergent aquatic vegetation makes the situation more miserable.