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Page Nos : 43-44

Description :
A field experiment was conducted for Adsali and Ratoon sugarcane during the year 2007-08 and 2008-2009 at the Research farm at Mula sugar factory Sonai Dist. Ahmednagar.The main objective was to study comparative effect of integrated nutrient management on the dry matter for Adsali and Ratoon sugarcane of variety CO-86032.The experiment was laid down in randomized block designs with three replications and thirteen treatments.The treatment consists of 50% and 25% levels of organic manures viz. Compost,Vermicompost,Neemcake,Pressmud and Cassia leaves along with inorganic fertilizers like Urea at 50% and 75% levels. The result revealed that among the different seasons. The maximum dry matter in cane and green top was recorded53.46 and 12.66 t/ha respectively and total dry matter in a plant was 66.12 t/ha where nitrogen was supplied through 50% pressmud and 50% urea.