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Special Issue Description

Authors : Kalpana Jadhav & Saroj Zanjhal

Page Nos : 01:08

Description :
“Sickle Cell Anemia” is one of the most troublesome and fatal disease. It is prevalent in many parts of India, where the prevalence has ranged from 9.4 to 22.2% in endemic areas. It is prevalently high in the rural region of Eastern Maharashtra. Women with sickle cell anemia, especially those who are pregnant, often experience sickle cell crises due to the extra stress of pregnancy. Since, the most important determinants of a baby‟s health and proper growth is the mother‟s diet, there arises a need for her proper nutrition during pregnancy, as her nutritional status may bound to affect the development of her baby. Hence, in the present research paper, an earnest attempt has been made to investigate & study the plight of pregnant women suffering with sickle cell anemia in the region of the Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, thereby keeping in mind the parameters pertaining to food habits, dietary intake, nutrient intake & the actual intake of nutrients as compared to RDA. The key findings reveal that the actual intake of nutrients on the part of these patients is much less as compared to their recommended values.