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Special Issue Description

Authors : A. N. Lonkar, A. D. Bobdey, D. R. Saxena and R. V. Tijare

Page Nos : 01-03

Description :
Snails Indoplanorbis exustus, were exposed to 3.2 mg/l (1/10th 96 hrLC50) and 6.4 mg/l (1/5th 96 hrLC50) of Fenval. Initially at 24 hours, at both the concentrations, increase in oxygen consumption rate is noted. At 48 hours stage, an increase in oxygen consumption rate is noticed at lower concentration, while at higher concentration the oxygen consumption was found to be reduced. At 72 hours stage. In both the sublethal concentrations reduction in oxygen consumption is noted. At the end of 96 hours, again in both the concentration an increase in oxygen consumption prevailed. These experimental snails., upon transfer to fresh water for 24 hours., showed decreased oxygen consumption rate. Oxygen consumption rate are discussed with respect to sublethal concentration and time of exposure to toxicant. Key wards; Indoplanorbis exustus, Oxygen consumption, Fenval.