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Special Issue Description

Authors : Amol S Darandale

Page Nos : 39-42

Description :
The climate is long term and average condition of the Earth’s atmosphere regarding atmospheric elements. The climatic elements like as temperature, precipitation, humidity etc. The type of climate we experience now might be prevailing over the last 10,000 years with minor and occasionally wide fluctuations. The planet earth has witnessed many variations in climate since the beginning. The rings in the trees provide clues about wet and dry periods. Historical records describe the vagaries in climate. All these evidences indicate that change in climate is a natural and continuous process. India also witnessed alternate wet and dry periods. Earth’s climate has been changed lot of times. According to experts major cause of climate change is global warming. Global warming has adverse effects on the agriculture, biodiversity, human health, forests and so on. After the 1950, the issue of global warming is rise up. Green House Effect is the major cause of global warming and GHGs like CO2, CH4, NOx, etc. are responsible for it. The human activities like industrialization, deforestation, urbanization, transportation etc.. are intensifying it. Let us hope the world community responds to this challenge and adopts a lifestyle that leaves behind livable world for the generations to come.