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Special Issue Description

Authors : Fatema Katawala & Kalpana Jadhav

Page Nos : 09-18

Description :
Nutritional status during school age is a major determinant of nutritional and health status in adult life. Health hazards associated with under nutrition and micro nutritional deficiencies remain major public health problems. The present study was conducted to assess nutritional status of school going boys and girls (6-9 years) from a Muslim Community School. 100 school going children (50 girls and 50 boys) were studied. Nutritional status of subjects was assessed in terms of dietary intake. Dietary assessment was done by 3 days dietary recall method. Diets of subjects were deficient and found lacking in major macronutrients like energy and carbohydrate. The subjects also showed deficient intake in vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is concluded that balanced diet is essential to meet the requirements of nutrients of school going children and there is need to educate the parents about the intake of right food in growing years to inculcate good food habits.