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Special Issue Description

Authors : Deshmukh A.

Page Nos : 1-5

Description :
In every historic stage of civilization women have constituted half of India‟s population. In spite of this fact, the position of women has not bee n the same in all the stages of history. Women in significant numbers have now entered the portals of formal education both at higher levels and professional levels. In the realm of work, new frontiers had opened up for women. When women assume multiple roles there is bound to be work – family conflict because the time and energy is shared, clubbed and extended across the two spheres of activity. When conflicts between these two domains occur its consequences are reflected on the women. Sports activities are options provided to students in the school and are conducted outside the ambit of academics; the parents experience stress when their children may not excel in this area. This study was carried out to find the level of stress e xperienced by urban employed women (300), urban unemployed women (300) with regard to the performance of their children in sports activities. For this self - developed questionnaire was used. The level of stress experienced by the respondents was divided int o three parts based on especially designed scale, denoting low stress, medium stress and high stress. „Z‟ test was applied to check the difference in the level of stress experienced by the women. The results showed that employed women experienced similar l evel of stress as that of stress experienced by unemployed women.