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Authors : S. Chavan, R. Kamble, S. S. Mahajan, G. Nikam and S. Sabale

Page Nos : 13-17

Description :
Abstract: Phase pure anatase nanospherical Fe3+-TiO2 has been obtained by sol dissolution method using titanium chloride and ferric chloride precursor. Obtained samples were annealed at 600 0C and its structural, morphological and optical properties were determined using XRD, UV-Visible, EDX and SEM analysis. The shift in absorption towards the visible region and increase in band gap is observed with increase in Fe3+ concentration. In this work about 3 weight percent of titanium atoms were successfully replaced by the iron atoms. The crystallite size was found in the range of 11-15 nm. The effect of iron doping on the catalytic activity of titania was studied and discussed. Keywords: Fe3+-TiO2, Chemical synthesis, X-ray diffraction, Optical properties, Photocatalyst

Date of Online: 30 May 2015