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Authors : G. H. Nikam, S. R. Sabaleand B. V. Tamhankar

Page Nos : 18-32

Description :
Abstract: In the present work synergistic solvent extraction of Fe(III) has been investigated with TBP and DB18C6 in kerosene from sodium acetate medium. The various parameters for quantitative extraction and separation of Fe(III) such as concentrations of sodium acetate, nature of diluent, shaking time, stripping agents and effect of foreign ions where determined. The synergistic effect of TBP and DB18C6 concentrations on extraction has been studied. The analytical conditions for quantitative separation of Fe(III) from various ternary mixtures containing Ni(II), Co(II), Mn(II) and Bi(II) ions where also studied. The method was extended for extraction and separation of Fe (III) from soap samples. Developed analytical method is advantageous over previous methods as it is simple, rapid and selective with good reproducibility. Keywords : Synergistic extraction, DB18C6, TBP, Fe(III), sodium acetate, kerosene

Date of Online: 30 May 2015