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Authors : A. S. Patankar, S. S. Nimgare, U. W. Fule, P. M. Telkhade

Page Nos : 3-6

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Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to study Multi bacillary and Pauci bacillary leprosy cases in different villages of Ashti Tahsil, Di. Wardha (M.S.) The present investigation showed that120 cases of Paucibacillary leprosy (PB) were identified since 1990 to 2014 of which 89 were males and 31 were females while only 04 cases of Multi bacillary leprosy (MB) were identified. Prevalence of leprosy was found less in females as compared to males. There were 41 cases of follow up of which 16 were males and 25 were females. The effective treatment of leprosy was given in the form of Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) a combination of two or three drugs, Rifampicin, Dapsone and Clofazimine. Keywords: Leprosy, Multi bacillary, Pauci bacillary, MDT, Ashti.

Date of Online: 30 May 2015