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Issue Description

Authors : Prashant C. Shahare and K. J. Cherian

Page Nos : 25-30

Description :
Seasonal Variations in physico-chemical parameters were carried out during the two years Feb.2010 to Jan-2012 from Chulband River at Soundad in Gondia District. The various parameters such as Velocity, Temperature, Turbidity, Transparency, TDS, TSS, TS, pH, DO, BOD, CO2, Hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride and Phosphorus were analysed. The results revealed that there was significant alterations in the physicochemical parameters and some of the parameters were in the normal range and Turbidity, DO, BOD and Phosphorus results are indicated not good quality of river water. Turbidity of rainy and summer seasons are exceeding 11 to 14 times as per WHO and BIS standard. DO, BOD and Phosphorus results were exceed the limit of WHO and ISI. Our findings highlighted the deterioration of water quality in the river due to industrialization, discharge of domestic, agricultural and human activities. To improve quality of water there should be continuous monitoring of pollution level and maintain the favourable conditions essential for aquatic organism’s survival, growth and reproduction.