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Issue Description

Authors : Parag H. Dandge and Ashish D. Tiple*

Page Nos : 101-106

Description :
Hemidactylus gracilis Blanford 1870 is one of the poorly known endemic geckos from India. Earlier it was reported from Maharashtra (Pune, Yavatmal, Satara and Nashik districts), Madhya Pradesh (Mandala, Shivpuri districts), Chhattisgarh (Raipur) and Andhra Pradesh (Kalavabugga). Hemidactylus gracilis comes under IUCN Least Concern category. We observed that it is common in eastern and central Maharashtra. We studied 11 specimens of Hemidactylus gracilis from different localities and added eleven new localities for Maharashtra. We also provide some data on its distribution, habitat and threats in Maharashtra.