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Issue Description

Authors : Shailaja V N, Ravishankar B E Narkhed

Page Nos : 63-68

Description :
As technology advances ahead, new forms of issues will normally rise. The world has witnessed the same when TV was introduced. Likewise when computers, mobile and social media were introduced to the world. The situation demonstrates an important hidden parameter in common. It is always work and work for human beings. Knowingly or unknowingly they get involved with work or these gadgets and media to a large extent and put themselves into trouble. Computers will induce a type of stress, where the upper portion of the body being active and lower one less active. This can lead to mental stress. Mental stresses are less exhibitive and affect human beings internally. In the case of a typical physical activity body mechanisms alert human beings of being tired. This is absent in mental stress and is classified as more harmful to humans. The Engineering industry of today is focusing on how stress affects well-being of women in their day to day activities in an organization. All organizations now look for gender diversity and are committed to achieve equal gender diversity. Hence more work related issues are also been seen as potential factor for consideration amongst women. [11]Stress is on the rise for women as they struggle to find a balance between their homes & careers. It is very important for the employees especially women to handle stresses as it affects her second innings at home. Here an attempt is made by us to consider the factors responsible for stresses in women. A stress index which can measure this intangible will be of use in current situation. A multi linear regression model is thought and analyses are made for measuring stress. The analyses is continued using appropriate sample criteria to arrive at noteworthy solutions. This could be used as solutions to augment human comfort.