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Authors : Iyengar P, Iyengar K, Balki A, Chichghare S

Page Nos : 57-59

Description :
Edible oil degrading microorganisms are useful for the `remediation of edible oil spillage in the environment. Edible oil contains high lipid (oils and fats) concentration which inhibits the activity of microbes. But some microbes get acclimatized to the high lipid content and grow well in oil rich environment, degrading oil and feeding upon the lipid degradation products Bacterial strains were isolated to study the diversity of bacteria from waste edible oil contaminated soil sample which is collected from three different places and diluted up to four dilution and grew on nutrient media. The bacterial isolates were identified by morphological and physical observation. Differential media was used for identifying differential bacterial isolates and characterized by performing different biochemical tests. The strain was analysed with tributyrin, egg and oil to observe lipid degradation. The bacterial isolates that showed clearing of egg agar media is an indication of lipid degradation.