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Issue Description

Authors : A.V.Dorlikar

Page Nos : 86-90

Description :
Aim of the present study is to assess the rotifer diversity, seasonal variation in the population and its correlation with physico-chemical parameters in Hanuman temple lake Kurjha. Water samples were collected on monthly basis from selected sampling site for analyzing the physic-chemical parameters and population dynamics of the rotifers in the reservoir. During present investigation, 16 species of rotifers representing 06 families and 09 genera were recorded from the Hanuman temple lake Kurjha. Eight species were belonging to the family Brachionidae, three species were belonging to Lecanidae, two species were belonging to Asplanchnidae and one species each was belonging to the family Philodinidae, Filinidae and Hexarthridae. Shannon-Weiner index was in between 3.86 to 3.98. Equitability index was 3.07 to 4.03 indicating even distribution of the species. The values of coefficient of correlation (r) indicate that, rotifer density was significantly positive with temperature (r = 0.927) and conductivity (r = 0.85).