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Authors : Sanjay L Pal

Page Nos : 64-68

Description :
Water is regarded as the elixir of life. At least on this planet earth, life cannot be imagined without water. Water is one of the abundantly available substances in nature. It is essential ingredient of animal and plant life. It is important to all living organisms, most ecological systems, human health, food production and economic development. Poor quality of water causes many problems to the humans, animals, plants etc. So the water must be tested physico-chemically as well as bacteriologically. Water samples were collected from the chosen sampling points of the four reservoirs and analyzed as per APHA standard methods. During the study it was found that maximum number of physical and chemical parameter were within the prescribed limit, as suggested by WHO(1971) and BIS(1991).The objective of the present study is to provide information on the physico-chemical characteristics of reservoir in order to discuss its suitability for human use. From the analysis report, it was found that the water analyzed from the four reservoirs was fit for irrigations, agricultural, industrial and domestic purpose.