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Ranbir Singh Pura (R.S. Pura) is known for the production of best Basmati Rice in the world. Considering the importance of organic farming and its export potential at remunerative price, the Department of Agriculture of Jammu Division had taken an initiative for production of organic basmati and made a cluster of three villages namely Suchetgarh, Korotana Khurd and Bidipur Jattan with its headquarters at Suchetgarh. The cluster is named as “Suchetgarh Organic Basmati Rice Cluster” and the project is named as SOBRC Project. The cluster comprises of around 769 organic basmati producing families cultivating Basmati rice in around 570 hectares of land. For the study, twelve key persons or representatives, four each from three villages along with two officials of the Department of Agriculture, two officials of the Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and two middlemen associated with sale and purchase of Basmati rice were selected purposively and for information purposes. The information obtained is summed in the following text of this paper.