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Authors : P A Lambat, A P Lambat V S Dongre and K J Cherian

Page Nos : 01-04

Description :
Much of the food we eat comes from crops which are affected by pests, diseases and extreme weather conditions. Studies have shown that diseases, insects and weeds interfere with 36.5% of crop production around the world. In total, 14.1% of crop losses are attributed to the occurrence of diseases, which represents an annual loss of $220 billion dollars (Agrios, 2005). The data pertaining to the impact of climate change on the agricultural practices of the inhabitants of the study area was assessed using a scientific approach. Prior to actual data collection, a reconnaissance survey of the study area was conducted. In view of the study results, it is concluded that there is noticeable change in damages caused by diseases to crop yield, crop yield has gone down noticeably as a function of climatic changes.