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Special Issue Description

Authors : Borade, D. S1., Ahire, P. K2. & Borse, B. D3.

Page Nos : 23-26

Description :
The present paper deals with 11 species of freshwater Mitosporic fungi of the ecological group Ingoldian Fungi. They were isolated from submerged leaf litter and conidia in foam samples from various study sites in Ahmednagar district (Maharashtra, India). These fungi include: Anguillospora crassa Ingold, A. gigantea Ranzoni, A. longissima (Sacc. & P. Syd.) Ingold, Angulospora aquatica Sv. Nilsson, Articulospora tetracladia Ingold, Brachiosphaera tropicalis Nawawi, Campylospora chaetocladia Ranzoni, C. filicladia Nawawi, C. leptosoma Marvanova & Laichmanova, Clavariana aquatica Nawawi, and Clavatospora tentacula Sv, Nilsson. All these fungi are being recorded for the first time from Ahmednagar district. The data provides information on the distribution of these fungi in India, apart from description and illustrations.