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Special Issue Description

Authors : J. D. Barshile

Page Nos : 17-20

Description :
In present investigation well known chemical mutagens (sodium azide and EMS) and a physical mutagen (gamma radiation) were employed to induce genetic variability for improvement of chickpea cultivar ‘Vijay’ (Phule G 81-1-1). Seeds were treated with three different concentrations/doses of SA (2, 3 and 4 mM), EMS (8, 12 and 16 mM) and gamma radiation (400, 500 and 600 Gy). M1 and M2 to M5 generation were raised for isolation and characterization of mutants. SA, EMS and gamma radiation induced leaf, pod, seed, flower colour and morphological mutants in chickpea. Bold seed mutant was isolated in M2 generation from 3 mM SA treatment. True breeding behavior of bold seed mutant was studied for various quantitative and qualitative traits in M3 to M5 generation. Induced mutant lines showed both positive and negative increases in quantitative traits. True breeding mutant lines in M5 generation differed considerably in their quantitative traits from the control. The bold seed mutant showed significantly increased for yield per plant and 100 seed weight over the control. The yield and yield contributing traits and protein content and protein profile were studied during the M5 generation. The mutant had the increased protein content as compared to control. The proteins bands differ from control seeds, control seed exhibited 13 bands where as mutant with 14 bands.