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Special Issue Description

Authors : S.R. Bharate

Page Nos : 21-22

Description :
The effects of aqueous leaf extracts of different concentrations of Mangifera indica L.(Family Anacardicaceae),Semecarpus anacardium ( Family Anacardicaceae)from Pathardi Tahsil ( longitude190 09 N, latitude 750 10 E )Dist Ahmednagar were bioassayed on germination and seedling growth ofPennisetum americanum Variety ‘MLBH 308’. Leaf extract of of Mangifera exerted slight stimulation of ‘Ad rt’ at lower conc while at higher conc. exerted inhibitory effect on seedling growth over control. Leaf extract of Semecarpus exerted promontory effect ‘Ad rt’, ‘Pl’ and ‘Tsg’ were promoted. Promotion was neither significant at ( P>0.05%) nor concentration correlated.Extract of both plant inhibited seed germination.