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Issue Description

Authors : Pawar S. M. and Supugade V.B.

Page Nos : 14-18

Description :
The length - weight relationship was calculated for 40 fish specimens caught from Borgaon reservoir of Sangli dist. The sampling was carri ed out from April 2014 to December 2015 by using cast net from fisherman. The sample length varies from 18.7 to 27.9 cm while weight varies from 83.85 to 178.64 gm. The length weight relationship in fishes is affected by a number of factors including seaso n, habitat, gonad maturity, sex, diet health, preservation condition and annual differences in the environmental conditions. The aim of the present study was to contribute the length weight relationship of 40 fishes of Borgaon reservoir. The result shows t hat values of exponent b in regression region varied between 1.80 to 3.01. This relationship was first studied for this reservoir from this area. The present study shows weight in relation to total length in both sexes shows allometric growth pattern. The exponential value of fishes indicates allometric growth pattern in the natural habitat. The coefficient of correlation for male was r = 0.706 and for female r = 0.842 which shows the correlation factor revealed positive correlation between length and wei ght.