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Issue Description

Authors : V. P. Babhulkar, S. U. Charjan and P. C. Pagar

Page Nos : 08-10

Description :
Well water of Purna valley of Vidarbha region (Maharashtra) is marginally alkali to alkali in nature. Under sprinkler irrigation with alkali water (EC 2.90 dsm-1, SAR 27.30 and RSC 7.4 meqvL-1), the response of Hr. Cotton (Cv. Nandet44) grown on saline-sodic Vertisols (pHs 8.2, Ece 2.01 dsm-1 & SARe 16./00 meqv.L-1) to applied gypsum, FYM and PMC was studied on farmers fie\d m RBD during 1996-97 and observed that application of gypsum @ 50 and 100 % GR enhanced significantly the seed cotton yield over control. However, both levels of gypsum were at par. Combinations of gypsum @ 50 % GR + FYM @ 5 t ha'1 or gypsum @ 50 % GR + PMC @ 2.5 t ha'1 found better as compared to gypsum alone in respect of increasing seed cotton yield (44- 46% over control) and reducing the pHs, ECe an SARe of saline-Socic Vertisols of Purna valley. Thus sustained yields are possible under alkali water with the addition of gypsum along with FYM or PMC. Keywords: Alkali water, Saline-Sodic soil, gypsum, FYM, PMC