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Authors : Rohankar P.H., Kale S. A and Kalbande A.G.

Page Nos : 10-13

Description :
The aim of this study is to find out the impact of Pranayam and Meditation on fast ing Blood glucose among the Type 2 Diabetic Patients. One twenty days study intervention was conducted using a single center of serial Diabetic camps conducted by Dialectological Association, Amravati Branch of India. The blood samples were collected f rom T2DM Patients and tested for Blood glucose, by GOD - POD (Glucose Oxidase - peroxidase) method. After initial testing for Blood glucose, Patients was instructed to do all types of pranayam and meditation as per table No. I for 120 days. That pa tients were again tested for Blood glucose. (pranayam and Meditation) blood glucose results were poaked separately and statistically analyzed by paired “t” test .Equal numbers of healthy controls was included in the study. Pranayama and mediation sho wn to have significant impact on blood glucose in T2DM patients